Wearables and other technologies that become part of us

WearTech is focused on technologies that become part of us. We’re a global network with ongoing programs designed to invent new technologies, implement, take-to-market, develop social, legal, and policy-based standards and thought leadership around technologies that become a part of us.

WearTech Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Stream.

We've partnered with the CDL business stream... The CDL is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies.

Humanistic Intelligence Initiative, University of Toronto Institute Strategic Initiative

"Wearables for Humanity: Building Superintelligence for People" Open Course

Instructors: Steve Mann, Tom Furness

Staff: Cayden Pierce

Rationale: Technological sensory intelligence and computational intelligence is developing at an exponential rate. Machine sensing (e.g. sensors and surveillance) and machine intelligence often do not directly support human intelligence because they are separate from and not directly accessible by humans. The increase in technological computation isn’t helping us think better. The increase in technological sensing (e.g. cameras everywhere) doesn't immediately help us see and understand more about the world. There is a fast approaching point in technological progress when the sensory capabilities and computational capabilities of technology surpass those of humanity. Before this happens, it is absolutely vital that these technologies are developed to directly extend and enhance human intelligence, using humanity as the “launchpad/foundation” for superintelligent “humachines”. This is the major challenge of our time, with failure potentially resulting in humanity losing its position as the dominant intelligent and sensory agent on this planet.

Equiveillance - McLuhan Working Group

Partnered with McLuhan Center for Culture and Technology to create a working group of top thinkers around issues of privacy, surveillance, and sousveillance in our age of ubiqituious sensing.

Research Outputs

Collaborators:Steve Mann, John Griffiths, Mir Adnan, Rhonda McEwen

Research Projects

WearTech focuses on interdisciplinary research projects that lead to scientific breakthroughs, invention of new technologies, as technological, legal, and policy standards for these technologies.

Current projects and partnerships include wearables and mental health, understanding and improving sleep, understanding and interfacing with our brain (brain-computer interfaces for mental health), extending our sensing, memory, and mental processing capabilities i.e. in line with the IEEE Council on eXtended Intelligence (CXI) of which S. Mann is a founding member.

CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Krembil Neuroscience, Vuzix, Blueberry, Muse (InteraXon), and other organizations. We are conduction basic research in human computer interfaces, neuro-imaging, brain-computer interface, etc.


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