In the beginning, there was light and no organisms on Earth that could sense it. Then the first organism that mutated to sense light began to evolve better sight as its evolutionary advantage increased.

CHALLENGE: Make a virtual computer vision eye in Unity without using the actual Unity Camera.

This is your course on which you must find the red cube.

Hit play and try walking around using WASD and mouse look and seeing the red cube with your eyes.

Click the Main Camera objects and in Inspector, disable their Camera components so you're now blind.

Make a C# script that you can put on the First Person Controller's Main Camera object.

You must be able to sense the red cube WITHOUT relying on the camera.

Bonus points if you can tell how close or far away from the cube you are.

HINT: You may need to cast rays to simulate the way eyes see rays of light.

Look in the Unity Scripting Reference for clues as to how to do this or ask Alex at for help.

Good luck!